Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup Depression - Fading Away

O My Soul:

Decreasing my medication for depression is an action I won't be taking again anytime soon. I felt like I was wasting away. I felt distorted; raw; nothing. I felt frustrated; easily angered; short-tempered.

I didn't want to do anything. I did catch some of the World Cup matches on the tube. Disinterestedly surprised the U.S. beat England. Didn't care we lost to Ghana. Didn't want to get up but somehow kept going a little.

But now I feel human again. Not happy, but human. The medication has pulled me out of the crazy place.

And what emotion am I feeling? I'm now more than a little disappointed we lost to Ghana. But we have another chance at another World Cup. (Decreasing my meds is another story). I'm also feeling joy that I have such a loving family. They put up with much.

Hope in Christ &
God bless you.


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  1. Dear OMS,

    I used to follow your blog and fell away about 8 months ago. I was fighting anxiety, depression, and irritability for about 5+ years. I was misdiagnosed with depression/anxiety/ptsd/etc. and tried a number of SSRIs but none of them really worked for me. Some made me far worse. Earlier this year, I finally got a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme disease. It fit all of my emotional symptoms plus the exhaustion, lethargy, problems with sleep, loss of ability to multi-task, and multiple other symptoms. I am now in the process of fighting the real cause of my symptoms and it has made a big difference.

    If you are not getting relief from your meds, you might want to consider looking into Lyme disease. I found out the hard way about Lyme and what it does as it continues to disseminate in the body. Unfortunately Lyme has become highly politicized and I cannot stress enough that you will need to see an ILADS trained doctor. There are few doctors who recognize the myriad of symptoms and are trained to treat Chronic Lyme. A large number of Lyme patients have been sick for many years prior to their finally being correctly diagnosed. The most common misdiagnosis is depression/anxiety/etc.

    If you think looking into this would be a good idea for you, I recommend a good doctor trained by ILADS: http://www.ilads.org Here is a listing of state Lyme Disease Support groups who should be able to recommend a good doctor in you area: http://www.lymeinfo.net/support.html Another good website is: http://www.lymenet.org You are also welcome to contact me.