Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Working!

O My Soul:

Completely unrelated to the church's season of Lent, I joined

Weight Watchers

and I am impressed.

I have a hard time doing any exercise during the winter. I drink coffee and watch the snow blow across the backyard. Instead of going to the YMCA, I get up for another cup of coffee. My girth has increased. My optimism has decreased. I've been a little edgy, too.

Here enters Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is not a diet. It's an education about food and fitness. I've often wondered how anybody could cut calories without feeling insatiably hungry after a few days or weeks. Weight Watchers teaches how by helping us stay aware of the kinds of foods we eat. Is the food high in fiber? fat? or calories? What is my current weight? How much have I moved this week? Was the movement at a low intensity? moderate? high?

All this can be calculated in a simple manner. I like numbers and I like simple.

What a blessing that I have found something that may work!


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