Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Vacation: I'm Back

O My Soul:

Last summer my doctor recommended I plan a winter vacation. He said it might help during the dark days of winter. Fortunately, my family had two invitations to go to Florida and stay with family and friends. Three days on the Gulf Coast, FL and seven days in Disney World...I had a great time.

I had a good talk with a relative about depression. I found out only recently that she has been struggling with minor depression since her teenage years and has infrequent bouts with major depression. 2009 was a bad year for her.

I have been able to sleep for over nine months. I have also been able to reduce my work schedule while interacting more with my wife and children. Even when I'm feeling bad, I'm able (most of the time) to put on the mask of a healthier person so as not to hurt my family.

However, I want to continue to improve. To do that I need to find a psychiatrist, psychologist, and a father-confessor in my new hometown (I accepted a call last fall to a new parish). This will take work...but I'm ready for it.

Also, I will probably plan a winter vacation next year as well.

Thanks Mickey and your Magic Kingdom....but

Blessings to you (the readers) in God's Kingdom with Christ.


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