Saturday, June 19, 2010

Caring for a Depressed Soul

O My Soul:

My wife is visiting her mom and sister this weekend. This is they first time they have met face to face since my sister-in-law told her mom about her struggle with depression. My mother-in-law is a considerate woman but this is not easy.

My wife asked me what she could do to help her mom this weekend. What advice might she give her mom to help her cope with her daughters depression?

Things to try:

1. Listen to her daughter's experience with depression.

2. Indicate you have noticed a change in her behavior.

3. Listen to her daughter without judgment.

4. Ask how her last appointment went.

5. Talk about depression and help find information she needs.

6. Encourage her to find a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and a pastor she trusts. (The trifecta of a good professional mental health network.)

7. Encourage her to exercise, eat well, and become involved in social activities.

8. Keep in touch and encourage close family and friends to do the same.

9. Pray for her.

10. Listen to her again, and

11. Pray for her again.

Hope this is helpful.
God bless you,


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