Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mrs. OMS is Expecting Our 4th Child in November

O My Soul:

What a joyful surprise!

Mrs. OMS is doing well. Resting a little more, but also bargain shopping at local rummage sales. I'm always surprised at what she can find for so little. Nesting has begun.

The children are overjoyed. Asking questions. Trying to decide which of their toys they might give to the baby. The youngest doesn't let me go to work without specifically saying good-bye to the baby.

I, too, am overjoyed and thankful. I'm thankful to God that we have this opportunity to care for another person. Mrs. OMS and I have a strong and strengthening marriage (even in spite of my anxiety/depression which is not true for all marriages).

I also feel deeply content with this and all the other changes that have taken place or the last year. More later. Until then...

Keep us in your prayers, and

God bless you and yours

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