Friday, September 10, 2010

A Beagle's New Home... no longer our home.

Don't get me wrong, Blossom is a great dog!  She is good with our three children.  She never bites, she tells us when she needs to go outside, she sleeps in her kennel, she prefers her kennel at night, she doesn't eat that much, she doesn't shed much, and she is playful in a friendly way.  All good stuff.  Yes, Blossom is a good dog.

Blossom is also a responsibility that my wife and I decided is too stressful. She barks at the neighbors, a lot.  She runs away when the youngest child leaves the door open, again and again and again.   She pulls on walks.  She needs walks at least twice a day or her energy level gets to high.  She sleeps on furniture during the day.  She wakes up several times per night.  She raids garbage cans in the kitchen and bathroom.  She makes a lot of pooh and has the gaul (in front of my wife nonetheless) to eat her own pooh.

The children love Blossom, I like Blossom, Mrs. OMS would be indifferent if only someone would walk Blossom and clean up the pooh on a regular basis, but I have too many other things on my mind.  I said I would be willing to do it but I won't during the winter.  That sealed the pups fate.  Like it or not, as soon as a loving family could be found, Blossom was going to move out.

Blossom moved out this morning.

Mrs. OMS shed tears for her family (but is personally overjoyed that we did it).

My five year old son is barely aware what is happening.  However, he is expressing some anger at me and said he likes mom better.

My seven year old daughter said she loves mom and me equally.  However, she doesn't like either one of us very much right now.

My ten year old sobbed.  He has dealt with a number of losses in the last few years.  He said good-bye to two dear friends last year when we moved.  And now he has to say good-bye to Blossom.

Mrs. OMS and I have had many good talks about this.  We anticipated the emotions but have been talking to the kids the last two weeks about what would be happening today.  I am surprised how well the whole family is handling this.  We are actually talking and grieving together.  We are thinking and feeling together and this is wonderfully positive.  I think we will get through this without building resentment.

How am I doing?  Well, I feel sad.  Two years of dog care and the little beast did grow on me.  I enjoyed her sleeping at my feet while reading a book.  I enjoyed playing with her from time to time.  I enjoyed all those tender moments she provided to our family but not enough to keep shoveling all that pooh and walking the two a day walks with her in the city.

I am content.  I won't miss the unneeded stress and anxiety.

Mrs. OMS is surprised how helpful I have been to her and the children through this whole thing.  She is especially thankful for the help I gave her today.  We're not through this one yet but we are well on our way.  I was thankful for the kind words and the peck on my cheek.

Our fourth child will be born in November.  I'll miss Blossom from time to time for years to come, but all of us are slowly anticipating the arrival of a baby boy.  Will that be stressful? Yes.  Am I a little anxious? Yes.  But, what a blessing!



  1. its called owning a dog. you shouldnt have gotten one if you didnt want the responsibility. its like being mad that your children messed in their diaper and then "have to clean it up" regardless, im glad you gave her to a home where her behaviors are understood..

  2. I wonder how you managed to have 3 children instead, owning a dog is much easier than owning kids. Plus, concerning that pooh issue all you have to do is train her, and if she is eating her own pooh it is because her diet is meesed up and her body needs protein. it is not blossom's fault it is your fault, you can not abandon your kid just because he steals your food or run from the house !!!!!