Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What if I don't want help?

This Friday I have a first appointment with a psychologist.

As the day gets closer...I don't want to go.

I haven't had a good experience with a counselor of any kind yet.  Well, one good experience, but that opportunity has closed.

If you read this blog and have any encouragement for me I'd appreciate hearing from you.  While your thinking about that, here are my reasons for NOT going to my Friday appointment:

1.  Psychologists listen...but so do my friends and they lack helpful advice just like the psychologist.

2. Emergency Medical Leave...is were my psychiatrist went and hasn't seen patients since.  I think some of the professionals have more problems than the patients.

3.  5 Cents per Session...is not longer the going rate.  If your not depressed before the appointment you will be by the time the bill is paid (including all the difficult phone calls with insurance companies, etc).

4. A New Relationship...it takes time to establish trust.  And that just means hard work without a promise that the relationship will bear fruit.  I'm tired of broken relationships and broken trust.

So, if you have any advice or encouragement, I would appreciate it.  Comment lines are open.

God bless you,



  1. I never thought I would spend time with a psychologist. When I became depressed I was so miserable that I knew I had to get help somewhere. Friends listen, but a good psychologist listens AND can help you see your life more objectively, give you tools to cope with what's happening. Now that my depression has lifted (praise God!) I can see how important the hours I've spent with a therapist were. I saw everything my life from inside a dark hole. The therapist saw my life in a larger context and helped me understand the effect depression had on my thoughts and feelings.

    It's worth the effort. It may take a few tries, or a few sessions to establish a helpful relationship. It is worth it. God be with you.

  2. If depression were simple, finding the right therapist would be simple. The fact of the matter is that it is a complex disease that may go into remission, but is never completely cured. It's a scary thought, but once you accept it, things feel a little better not because the task is hopeless, but because the task is manageable. Part of that is finding someone that can help you with the lows and the highs of the disease. It's a team effort, really. There is the therapist who helps you talk through and work through the psychological aspect of the disease. There is the md who helps work through the physiological factors through medication, and then there is the pastor, who helps through the spiritual. If you want to conquer the disease and not let it conquer you, all three must be in place. It's important to find one you can trust, who can actually help you out and not just fill your plate with psychobable that sounds good but is worthless. It's hard and it takes work, but any disease of the body after Gen. 3 takes work to tame. As the diabetic, the person with hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, or hypertension.

  3. If you had cancer you would go. If you needed heart surgery you would go. Why not go now? The illness has a different name, but the destruction to yourself is/can be the same. Yes, relationships do take time to build, but every run starts with a small step. Don't fear and don't listen to the Evil one who wants to see you hurting and destroyed. Oh, and yes I realize this mostly law, but the law is what points us to the gospel. You have a spiritual physician, now go and make the start with your mental physician. Our Lord will be with you even there and this is part of what it may take for your life to be a High Doxology.
    Go in peace dear brother.