Saturday, April 10, 2010

Depression and Private Confession

O My Soul:

The Sunday after Easter in the Historic Lectionary is John 20. Jesus Christ gives men the power to forgive sins on the behalf of God. Amazing. This gift of the keys to the church on earth to open and close heaven for sinners is not viewed well today.

Most view private confession as unnecessary. Men can't forgive sins and God isn't here.

Most view private confession as something between them and God. No other people involved.

Most view private confession as a punishment rather than a gift from a loving God.

Most view private confession as only for those who really need help.

But God can forgive sins through others because Jesus Christ was dead and is now alive.

But Jesus Christ is God and He is both in heaven and on earth.

But private confession is Gospel. Christ died to forgive sins.

And we all really need was private confession gives: Christ crucified, applied to me as an individual who suffers from specific and very real sins.

I think I have found a new Father-Confessor since this move and all. I would prefer the old one but I agree that it may be better to have someone in the flesh listen and absolve.

I hope you have the blessing of a pastor to listen to you and absolve you, too.

Hope in Christ and
God bless you,


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