Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Cryin' Over Spilt Coffee

O My Soul:

It's not easy being around family 24/7 this vacation. Work is my common excuse to get away from the noise. I don't have that excuse during vacation. I love my wife and children but many times I can reach a point of irrationality that can make good times evaporate.

Take today as an example. After breakfast, I brought a cup of coffee into the hotel room and my six year old jumped on me. She is overjoyed I'm spending so much time with her. She wanted to tell me she missed me during my brief trip to get the coffee. She jumped from the bed to give me a flying hug. I spilled the coffee over both of us. Fortunately, I drink my coffee warm not hot (two ice cubes per cup) so neither one of us were injured. This may sound strange to the non-depressed but I am happy to report that I was more concerned about my daughter and never yelled. Things are improving.

For lunch, my wife made the special effort to buy me a Starbucks coffee to enjoy on our family picnic. This stuff was black as tar...perfect. While setting the picnic table she spilled half the coffee. I was able to laugh it off, help my apologetic wife clean and set the picnic table, and enjoy a half-cup of great coffee.

A few months ago the frustration would have been too much. Anxiety, anger, and depression leading to withdrawal would have resulted in an unpleasant vacation. This time I didn't cry over spilt coffee. Vacation is going well.



  1. Simple yet profound. As I leave on vacation in a couple hours, I pray that my responses will echo yours! Be at peace.


  2. I sympathize with that fragile feeling. Good for you for managing it.