Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ascension is Given to Us

O My Soul:

The Ascension of Jesus Christ is so comforting to me. The angles told the disciples all of us that Jesus is not where we think He should be, but where He Himself has promised to be. So why are you looking into the heavens when your Savior is at those places where He puts His name.

I am baptized. His name is on me so I may be bold to pray and bold to go to His table to receive His body and blood into my mouth for the forgiveness of my sins.

I point you to an Issues Etc. radio broadcast of a gentle pastor and friend who is also theologian emeritus with Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

This is the first time I have heard the Rev. Dr. Norman Nagel's voice since his stroke about two years ago. He was interviewed earlier this week from his nursing home.

Thank you Dr. Nagel.

Hope in the Ascended Christ &
God bless you.


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