Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weight Loss and the Soul

O My Soul:

I have never thought myself in need of weight loss. I don't really care for the hit show Biggest Loser as much as my family does. Just the title is a pun on depressive self talk. But my doctor recommended I get my cholesterol numbers in a healthier range or ten years down the road I'll be meeting with him a lot.

He gave that advice a few years ago. My new doctor said the same thing. Cholesterol medication helps. Running also helps but I haven't run since last fall. I have been walking and am now looking at running again. All these activities help lower my 300+ cholesterol which is good since I have a family history of heart disease to contend with.

However, nothing helps like a little weight loss. I noticed the impact it had on my cholesterol a few years ago. 10 pounds is about a 50 point cholesterol reduction. So I joined Weight Watchers in February.

Last Thursday, on week thirteen, I met the 10% milestone. I've lost 10% of my bodyweight. This week I'll also have blood draw and meet with my doctor next week.

If you looked at a before and after picture you would see no significant difference.

And yet my wife calls me her biggest loser. I'll let her get away with it.

Do I feel any different? No.

Will I keep at it? Yes.

Do I recommend Weight Watchers? Yes.

Why? because it works. Weight Watchers is not a diet but information and encouragement to change behaviors. That's why it works. Week after week, slowly but surely the information and changes result in weight loss.

When I hit my 30 pound weight loss target, I hope to remain in Weight Watchers for one year to reinforce all the changes. And the changes have not been that hard.

Hope in Christ &
God bless you.


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