Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What About the OMS Family?

O My Soul:

This post is on the lighter side as I continue to think about Dependent Personality Disorder and how it effects me and my family. I have noticed that as the depression and anxiety lessens something else emerges. I notice a need for others in a possibly unhealthy way.

This first video is a movie trailer from the movie, "What about Bob?" It sets up the second video which is a portrayal of a Dependent Personality Disorder acted out by funnyman Bill Murray. His explanation of symptoms, his relationship to his counselor and his counselor's family is humorus but enlightening. I sort fell that as I journey towards health - I'm making my poor wife a little crazy. I'm becoming the fun one with the kids. They love the new dad, mom is just mom. Just the other day I was playing with the kids when the youngest (pre-school) yells from the bathroom, "Hey MOM! I need a wipe in here."

If that is not enough, here is Bill Murray in the trailer for What About Bob? And then a case study of Bob as suffering from Dependent Personality Disorder. Enjoy.

Oh. And pray for the whole OMS family. We would appreciate it.


Case Study:

And remember:
Hope in Christ &
God bless you.


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