Monday, May 3, 2010

I Was Exhausted

O My Soul:

I wrote about my fear of an oncoming bout of anxiety and depression in Saturday's post entitled May Day and the Battle Within.

Well, I followed my own advice. I ate well, slept a lot, and paced myself through yesterday's activities.

Yesterday's sermon was ok. The Bible study ok with a good discussion. I kept my three scheduled afternoon visits but spent the evening with my family and went to bed early.

No anxiety attack.

No crippling depression.

I was just physically exhausted and needed some rest.

Today, I'm tired but on Saturday I was simply exhausted.

What amazes me is that I cannot read myself. I push myself like a machine only to be confused when I get tired and then exhausted and then, continuing to push, I get sick.

The good news is that I have not had a cold in over a year. Maybe I'm learning to rest more than I give myself credit.

Today, I feel tired (not exhausted) but am excited for what today may bring. I am certain that my energy will continue to increase.

Hope in Christ &
God bless you


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