Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten List to Fight Depression: Updated

O My Soul:

Here is an update on my Top Ten List from last July:

Top Ten helpful hints for your journey to healing and cure from major/clinical depression:


10. Read aloud from the Psalms and/or the Gospel of St. John.

update: I'm leading public Matins at church Monday through Thursday & a psalm upon waking most mornings.

9. Take your doctor prescribed anti-depressant medication.

update: I don't often forget.

8. Run three miles.

update: good idea but hasn't happened much since early December.


7. Give 10 minutes per day focused attention on each of your three children.

update: going well. When attention isn't given, in a few days they are fighting with each other much more than usual.

6. Do the homework assigned by your therapist.

update: so, so.


5. Stretch lightly for up to 20 minutes.

update: never happened. Not even once. And no plans to start.

4. Debrief with your wife and then together with God about any pain you have experienced going about your God given vocations as His child, husband, father, pastor, son, citizen, etc.

update: not yet, but it is still something that we may work toward.

3. Give thanks to God for the family, friends, and congregation He has given to you.

update: often. The more I give thanks to God and say thank you to others, the more I feel thankful for all that has been given to me.


2. Take two days off per week from anything at the church (Monday and Friday).

update: I am regularly taking off both Friday and Saturday. One day for rest and household chores. One day for family. This is a blessing. I am beginning to nip my workaholism in the bud. I'm rested and enjoy my work when I return to it.

And Finally:

1. Chill out! It will be ok. Your heavenly Father gave you this cross and He is near to you while taking care of you in the midst of these dark days.

update: doing well. I have my moments, but issues and events don't consume my thoughts. My anxiety is lower. My depression is not as severe. My outbursts of anger are reduced to short, snippy comments rather than breaking things in a rage and reducing the people around me to tears. So, yeah, I'm doing well. Thanks for asking;)

And remember:
Hope in Christ.

God bless you,

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