Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Babysitter

O My Soul:

I didn't cross the line.

Yesterday, I was at the line of darkness and looking in that abyss. I read the psalms, lazed around the house, picked up dog pooh in the back yard, and took my oldest son to 4-H. I didn't talk a lot the whole day. However, I want to re-iterate: I wasn't pulled into the darkest of dark places. I didn't yell, rant, hurt others but clung to the Third and Fifth Commandments as my only hope to remain in the faith to God and serve my neighbor. I spoke the psalms aloud for myself and cleaned the backyard for my wife. Today I'm on speaking terms both with God (in prayer) and my wife (at the coffee shop).

Yes, to conclude a painful day (and week) I called the babysitter to come over so I could take my wife out for coffee. We were at the coffee shop from 9 til noon. Just talking. The only evil thing so far was the name of the coffee: Diabolical Java, 32oz., black!

The kids had a great time, too.

God bless you.


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  1. As the wife of a man who has been severely depressed, I say BRAVO! Married to someone suffering from depression is a very, very hard place to be. Attention from the man I love is one of the things I need the most.

    Your wife is lucky to have a husband who understands that.