Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Like Lent

O My Soul:

The congregation and I have been learning the Evening Service from the Lutheran Service Book during mid-week services. It's a beautiful service. We learned it well. We sang the whole thing (including me as the pastor).

So what do I like about Lent.

I like focusing on the Word of God.

I like delivering the extra services. (I appreciate the break after Lent, too. But for six weeks its really great.)

I like that the congregation doesn't bother me with as much trivia because they are concerned about my schedule. However, I a had good boundaries in place before the season started. I am not run down. I'm getting plenty of rest and feeling ok.

I like the build up to Easter. What a beautiful message to proclaim. Universal atonement delivered to me in Word and Sacrament for my justification by faith through Christ. There are so many ways to proclaim it. What a blessing that I get to do it.

I like the predictable schedule. Preach, teach, visit. This is always my goal throughout the year, too. It seems to work out best during Lent.

So I like Lent. Hard to believe tonight was our last midweek lenten service for the year.

God bless,


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